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My Program- MABLE


MABLE: The Master of Arts in Biblical Languages and Exegesis

The program overview can be found on Briercrest’s website here

I started the program (part time) in the 2012-2013 academic year, so if there’s changes to the program one day, that’s what I’m going off of.

The program has 60 credit hours (each class is 3 credits), spread over a few different categories.  I’ve completed 36 credits, and am working on 6 more.

CORE (6 earned of 9 credit hours needed)  (I need three out of four of:)

-Christian Ministry Formation   Done!  Did CM600 Spiritual Formation as an online course in the winter of 2014.

-Old Testament  one or the other!

-New Testament one or the other!

-Theology OR History Done!  Did BT761 Patristic Fathers when it was still available as a DL in the summer of 2013.  This class was a cross between theology AND history.  My program coordinator agreed.

Language and Exegesis (15 of 18 credit hours earned) 

Prerequisites: four semesters of Greek OR Hebrew

Perhaps I’m an oddity, but I took both Greek (5 semesters) and Hebrew (4 semesters) in college, so I had an advantage in this category.

Hebrew or Greek (9 of 12 credit hours earned)  Since I already took both languages, I got advanced standing in this category.  However, the program calls for 12 credits, but I can only have 9 credits of advanced standing.  This is all explained in Briercrest’s Academic Handbook.

-BT 631 Introductory Hebrew I I’m exempt from this, since I have taken HEB246 Introductory Hebrew I in college.  However, I need more language credit, so I’m taking BT739 Biblical and Extrabiblical Aramaic during the winter of 2016 to meet this requirement.

-BT 633 Introductory Hebrew II I have advanced standing with credit for HEB 247 Introductory Hebrew II in college.

-BT 733 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis I I have advanced standing with credit for having taken BT315 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis I in college.

-BT 835 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis II I have advanced standing with credit for having taken BT453 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis II in college.

Advanced Exegesis (6 of 6 credit hours earned)

BT 835 Hebrew Syntax and Exeg. II  Took this as a semester long class via Live Cast in the winter of 2015.

BT 840 Greek Exegesis II Took this as a semester long class via Live Cast in the fall of 2015.  

Biblical Studies (12 of 18 credit hours earned)

BT 802 Critical Methodologies in Bib. Studies   Not done yet.  I’ve seen the syllabus, though.  Looks like it’s best to do it right before the Thesis, since if you have your topic already, you can basically write 40 pages of your thesis during this course.  Only offered as an independent study right now.  I plan to do it early 2017.

BT 801 Jewish Backgrounds to Early Christianity.  Done!  Took this class as a Live Cast in the Winter of 2014.

Choose two of the following:

BT 721 Revelation;   BT 722 Gospels;   BT 728 Hebrews; BT 825 Romans;   BT 829 New Testament Seminar;   BT 848 Advanced Greek Exegesis

I’ve taken BT728 Hebrews as a modular class in December 2015.  Technically, I took Revelation and Romans in college too, but alas, I can only transfer 9 credits of advanced standing, so I took the languages instead even though these were eligible.  Need one more, so I’m doing BT848 Advanced Greek Exegesis during the Winter of 2016.

Choose two of the following:

BT 615 Where Can Wisdom be Found?;   BT 711 Intro to Old Testament Theology;   BT 714 Psalms;  BT 717 The Former Prophets;   BT 719 The Latter Prophets; BT 739 Biblical and Extrabiblical Aramaic;   BT 817 Old Testament Specialty;   BT 819 Old Testament Seminar;

Done!  I took Psalms as an online class in the fall of 2013, and The Latter Prophets as an independent study in the summer of 2014.

Research and Methodology (0 of 12 Credit Hours)

-RD 701 Research Methods and Design  Still need this one!  It’s being offered as an online course in the Fall of 2016.

-RD 808 Thesis (9 credits)  Still need this one!  I plan to write it in 2017.

Electives (3 of 3 Credit Hours)

For my open elective, I took LE 703 Coaching and Mentoring when it was still available as a DL in the Winter of 2013.  I also took LE603 Leadership and Management Foundations in the Fall of 2014.  There were also a few more college courses that could have counted here if I was allowed more advanced standing, such as Bible Synthesis or World Views Seminar.  

Non-credit Requirements (0 of 3)

RD 700 M.A. Experiential Integration Still need this one!  Planning on doing it in the summer of 2016

Portfolio and Interview Still need this one!

Written Comprehensive Examination Still need this one!


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